From a mother:


My husband and I found that Dyvonna was a great fit with us as our childbirth doula. I was able to ask questions and air my fears and anxieties throughout the pregnancy and always felt heard and reassured. My husband really appreciated the way she helped him understand how choices during the birthing process can affect the desired outcomes so that he was able to coach me through some of the more challenging parts of labour in a way that helped me feel supported. Dyvonna showed us breathing and positioning techniques that we used, she rolled with changes in the birth plan and I always felt respected even when I had changed my mind on some labour decisions. She dimmed lights and used aromatherapy to make the hospital room feel cozy and safe. She held my hand when I needed a female mentor-type presence, and let me be alone in the shower or with my husband when I needed to gather my focus. She definitely helped my husband feel prepared and confident as a birth partner, which helped us both so much! Afterwards she made us a cute baby book and wrote out my birth story, which are great keepsakes. Dyvonna is wonderful!



From a father:


I could fully concentrate on loving and supporting my wife because Dyvonna had all the other details well in hand.  I didn't have to remember anything about the stages of labour or anything from any textbook or what to try next.  Dyvonna consistently reminded me of comforts and distractions to offer my wife. She suggested position changes and coping techniques to try.  In the end, she made it feel like it was all about my wife and I.  We have used Dyvonna's support for three of our four children, and I still tell other Dads about doulas.  Get one, call Dyvonna!